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Pricing Policy

In 2018 the Wests Tigers have retained our Membership pricing policy to ensure there is a consistent methodology to calculate the price of your ticketed Membership package. This was implemented to ensure that every Member package is priced consistently and Members receive the cheapest priced tickets possible, ensuring that they aren’t paying more than if they purchased each game individually throughout the season.

The Club has also applied a streamlined discount policy to each package to ensure that Members who commit to a higher level of games and a higher category ticket type receive the biggest discounts.

To understand how your Membership price is calculated, use the following methodology:
Amount of Home Games x Individual Game Pre purchase price x Your eligible discount = Your 2018 price

E.g. For a Dual Venue Adult General Admission Membership, the following formula would apply:
8 home games x $22 x 12% discount = $154

You can view your eligible package discount and all pre-purchase causal ticket prices at the appendices below.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Team at who can provide a breakdown of your package cost for you.

Due to the inconsistency in game day ticket prices across venues (Appendix B), please note that the lowest percentage discount is listed (Appendix A) and greater discounts do apply to some packages.

Appendix A: Membership Discount Entitlement

10 Games Reserved  25%
General Admission 15%
7 Games   Reserved  20%
General Admission 12%
3/4 Games   Reserved 15%
General Admission  5%